Saturday, 13 April 2013

Emotional eating issues "....OMG! They put animals in our meat!!'

The recent so called 'horse meat scandal' brought to light the extent of hypocrisy and speciesism that exist in a population that has in recent generations, become conditioned to differentiate and discriminate between animals; to view some animals as intended to be our beloved companions, while we view others as intended exclusively for our use, exploitation and consumption.  We have been conditioned to experience emotional reactions that differ greatly in empathy towards different species of animals.

 Most of us have 'emotional eating issues'. A prime example is experiencing repulsion at the thought of having unintentionally consumed horse meat ... but in contrast feeling totally at peace with intentionally consuming cow, pig and baby sheep on a daily basis. The 'issue' is not the repulsion, but rather the lack thereof!

I admit to having my own emotional eating issues too.  For example, I wont eat anyone that I recognize an emotional connection to, and by virtue of that connection, feel love and empathy for. That rules out any and all species of animals. I recognize my emotional eating issues, embrace them and allow them to guide my food choices and so far I have seen not only incredible inner peace, but health benefits that I had not and could not have imagined.

 There is a place in all of our hearts that longs to be embraced, and a compunction that we feel when we ignore that niggling feeling telling us that despite all the self talk of justification, food chain, entitlement, dominion etc etc, its just plain wrong to selfishly, if indirectly cause the death of another living being purely for a moment of pleasurable taste that soon vanishes.

Amazing things happens when you surrender your egoic attachment to attitudes of superiority or supremacy over other species, and allow yourself to be guided by love, compassion and empathy. A whole new world view opens up and embraces you, welcoming you back as you rediscover your humanity, and begin to rediscover the truths hidden by those who seek to profit from ignorance and complacency.

It's also true that once you choose put on the 'truth glasses' there's no taking them off, and you start to see the truth behind lies in some very unexpected places.  Deciding to face the truth, no matter how painful, head on and embracing it, instead of turning away is a very enlightening experience from that point on!

Putting aside all of the emotions and feeling and looking at the cold hard science and you will see an undeniable link between the main killer diseases suffered by people today and the consumption of animal products. Consumption of saturated fats contained in animal flesh and proteins contained in dairy products are linked in study after study to our top causes of death - and all are preventable by consuming a whole foods plant based diet, and even when diagnosed, are reversible by embarking on a plant based whole food diet.

I and the growing number of others like me believe that how we each look at food needs to evolve in line with the science and truth that we know today. We all know that the purpose of our drive to eat, our hunger, is to nourish and fuel the body. If you enjoy what you eat, bonus! If you primarily seek out enjoyment when making food choices, paying little or no attention to nutrition, consideration to the damage done to the environment, or the suffering endured by other sentient living beings in the process of producing that food, you are likely to suffer yourself, on physical and spiritual levels. Whether you choose to be aware of it, or choose to deny it, the damage is still done, and what's more, its cumulative.

Yes! How you eat and what you choose to eat is your 'personal choice'! You can choose to look at food as an opportunity to fuel and nourish your body and soul, or you may choose instead to look at it in a purely hedonistic light, in pursuit of enjoyment only, regardless of the costs, heedless of the carnage done to both others and yourself.  That choice is yours - but I maintain that a selfish choice is detrimental not only to you, but has far reaching consequences that go far beyond your own health and well being - and when your choice impacts on me, I reserve the right to object to your choice! When your choice impacts on the animals I love and cherish, I reserve the right to object to your choice.  I reserve the right to my own emotions, brought about by your choice, and I ask that you respect that, if you want me to respect your choice.

There's a vegan in you! All of us are born Vegan.  A close look at our anatomy proves this to be true.  Your inner Vegan is just waiting for you to put aside preconceived ideas or stereotypes associated with the word, and instead just live the life, walk the path of peace and compassion, to start experiencing the emotional and physical windfalls of finally living the right way, eating the right foods, acting with the righteous compassion, walking the right path, with conscious awareness, mindfulness, compassion and joy in embracing life as it was intended to be embraced, discovering and aligning your true values with your actions, and banishing the socially condoned hypocrisy forever.

I believe that we all have an 'inner Vegan'.  Some of us choose to embrace it, while others choose to repress it.  It all comes down to emotions. Embrace or repress - the choice is yours, but I urge you to reconsider your choices, and reassess the kind of life you want to live and the kind of impact you want to have on our world.

Embracing your inner Vegan values may not be the sole meaning of life, but it certainly gives life new meaning and value!

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